Principal Consultant

Chris is a Principal Environmental Consultant with Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA) and has 14 years environmental consultancy and industry experience. Key areas of experience include project management, environmental auditing, rehabilitation and closure, environmental impact assessment, environmental inspections and reporting, environmental management systems and plans, subsidence management plans and extraction plans, site secondments and risk assessments.

Chris has completed the Environmental Auditors Certification Workshop with Graham A Brown and Associates and is accredited through Exemplar Global as a Principal Environmental Auditor. This certification is valid until January 2021.

Chris has completed a range of environmental auditing projects including due diligence auditing, independent environmental auditing and internal compliance auditing. Chris has been an approved Department of Planning Industry and Environment lead auditor for
mining, industrial and agricultural clients.


Chris has practical mine site experience through my numerous audits as well as past secondments. Chris has completed work across a range of industries including mining, quarrying, infrastructure and agriculture. Chris has undertaken projects for both the private sector and government.