Environmental Consultant

Rhys is an Environmental Consultant at Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA) with 4 years’ experience. Rhys’ work history is predominately in environmental management of mining operations and large construction projects. Prior to joining IEMA, Rhys worked as an Environmental Officer for Whitehaven Coal at Maules Creek Coal Mine. A few key responsibilities of Rhys’ role included managing: environmental monitoring systems, mine rehabilitation progress, vegetation clearing campaigns, erosion and sediment control, environmental incidents, and ensuring overall compliance with project conditions.

Rhys has also worked as an Environmental Coordinator for John Holland on the State significant infrastructure project Sydney Metro City & Southwest Tunnel and Station Excavation. Through this work, Rhys developed extensive skills and knowledge of real-time monitoring systems, noise and vibration management, blast management, auditing Environmental Management Systems in accordance with ISO 14001:2015, community and stakeholder relations, and assisting in the approvals process with relevant regulatory bodies.

Prior to working in operations, Rhys was an Environmental Data Analyst, this allowed Rhys to become highly skilled in managing and interpreting large sets of environmental data from mines across Australia as well as being able to display this data using GIS software.