Environmental Consultant

Lauren is an Environmental Consultant with Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA) and has over 4 years’ experience in environmental management and consulting. Lauren started working in the environmental industry in 2016 with Aurelia Metals after completing a Bachelor of Science (Earth Systems) at the University of Newcastle.

Lauren has experience in preparing environmental impact assessments for infrastructure projects such as road upgrades, foreshore rehabilitation, sewage and water infrastructure and Solar and Wind Farms. She also has experience as an Environmental Advisor in Western New South Wales. Lauren is skilled with NSW and Commonwealth environmental and safety legislation. Lauren has undertaken environmental monitoring duties, calibration, fieldwork and rehabilitation activities and projects.

Lauren has also worked as an auditing assistant for independent environmental audits; she has completed operational compliance audits of warehouses, mines and quarries across NSW. Lauren has experience in the development, application and compliance with Environmental Management Systems (EMS) - ISO 14001.

Some of Lauren's recent work with IEMA includes preparing mine rehabilitation and closure plans from concept plans through to detailed plans. Lauren also has assisted with undertaking the consultation for Stakeholder Engagement Plans for mining, extractive industry and renewable energy projects.

Lauren's passion lies with GIS/cartography and has worked as a Spatial Information Officer with Social Pinpoint creating online interactive community consultation maps and as a software trouble-shooter.