As a new business we have taken the time as a team to define our Culture and the Values.  These are the things that we want to be known by when working with our clients. We are very proud of what we have achieved in such a short period of time and excited about what we can moving forward built on a solid foundation.  Our Core values have been combined and presented in the following graphic which is included on display in our office and in the employee handbook.


IEMA has an absolute commitment to the health, safety and security of its employees as well as the environment and communities in which we operate. We have a robust HSEC system in place that not only gives focus and priority to Health and Safety, but also places emphasis on our Environment and Community.


For the well-being of our staff we have established an employee assistance programs (EAP) that provides access to fitness centres and sessions with a dedicated EAP mentor and psychologist.


Since our inception we have been committed to operating as a carbon neutral business. We do this by calculating our carbon footprint annually and engaging in accredited carbon offsetting programs. To date we have met our offsetting obligations by investing in Carbon Neutral, an Australian based offsetting program focused on reforestation of bushland.