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Project Management & Direction


Through collaboration, make every project a success

Our team has many years experience in managing and delivering a range of projects for our clients from the small,  right through to multi-disciplinary projects with a range of stakeholders.   

Mine Closure & Life of Mine Planning


Operation with the end in mind throughout the life of the project

IEMA is recognised as an industry leader in the preparation of mine closure plans having completed a number of projects to execution. In addition, we have worked with key clients to develop corporate closure standards and guidelines as well as developing closure cost and risk tools with the government. 

Risk Assessments


Manage your business with full visibility of key risks and priorities

IEMA has significant experience in facilitating and delivering risk assessment projects. We use a range of flexible tools including WRAC and BowTie methodologies. Our experience ranges from risk assessments run at the Board level through the project feasiblity, Life of Mine, Closure, Community and Environmental. 

Environmental Approvals & Management Advisory


It's not only good business, it's good for business

Our team has significant experience in the project management and project direction for major resource project approvals. We excel in working alongside our clients managing a range of subject matter experts to bring together and mitigate the key impacts so that the project is approvable. 

Environmental Compliance & Transactional Due Diligence


Make informed decisions by understanding the risks and opportunities

Our team has certified auditoris leading and delivering a range of audits across a range of industry sectors including mining, quarries and agriculture. We have undertaken a range of detailed audits considering compliance as well as transactional due diligence.  

Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation


Achieve your goals by identifying and undertaking effective stakeholder engagement

IEMA has significant experience in planning and executing stakeholder engagement for existing and greenfield projects. We have delivered outcomes for a number of mining, extractive and renewable energy projects. Our approach is one of engagement and accessibility. 

Environmental Management Systems


Expert guidance based on experience and lessons learned

We have led and delivered the review and integration of numerous Environmental Business Improvement and Environmental Management Systems. These services include working within your existing systems and developing training packages for stakeholders across all levels of business. 



Engage a company, not just a candidate

IEMA is able to provide work-place ready environmental scientists / engineers to fill short, medium and long-term resourcing requirements. We are in partnership with one of Newcastle's leading recruitment firms and are able to draw from a pool of candidates with a wide range of industry experience. Our candidates are supported by an experienced team who have over 25 years' experience in the industry along with GIS, drafting, project management and administration experience. 

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