Environmental Consultant

Tawna is an Environmental Consultant at Integrated Environmental Management Australia (IEMA) with 3 years’ consulting and industry experience. Tawna started her environmental career as a waste assessor promoting the NSW EPA funded program, Bin Trim, in 2018. Tawna’s role required her to engage local businesses, conduct high-level waste assessments and provide strategies to divert unnecessary waste from entering landfill.

Tawna’s work at IEMA includes environmental reporting and compliance. Tawna has worked as an assistant auditor for independent environmental audits on projects in both Australia and New Zealand and has experience in the application and compliance of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) – ISO 14001.
Tawna also recently worked on Annual Reviews for mining and quarrying industries; Mining Operations Plan (MOP) amendments, and undertaken consultation for stakeholder engagement. Other areas of experience include environmental risk assessments, GIS capabilities and assisting with mine closure planning in conceptual and detailed closure stages.

Tawna graduated from the University of Newcastle with a Bachelor’s degree in Environmental Science and Management. Her areas of interest were environmental health, rehabilitation, and waste management. During her studies, Tawna completed an internship with the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment as a Project Assistant monitoring the health and quality of the University of Newcastle wetlands undertaking environmental monitoring duties, calibration, fieldwork and reporting.

Along with her Environmental Science qualifications, Tawna is also a qualified secondary science teacher completing a Master’s of Teaching (Secondary) with a Distinction average.