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Tawna Ryan

Graduate Environmental Consultant

Tawna is a Graduate Environmental Consultant with IEMA starting her career with the company in March 2019. She graduated from the University of Newcastle with a degree in Environmental Science and Management. Her areas of interest were environmental health, rehabilitation and waste management. During her studies, Tawna completed an internship with the Tom Farrell Institute for the Environment as a Project Assistant monitoring the health and quality of the University of Newcastle wetlands.

Tawna has worked with the company to help develop mine closure plans, environmental risk assessments and stakeholder engagement plans. She is also familiar with ISO 14001:2016 Environmental Management Systems. Tawna is also proficient in GIS programming. 

Before joining IEMA, Tawna worked as a waste assessor for the NSW EPA funded program, Bin Trim. Along with her Environmental Science qualifications, Tawna also possess multiple degrees including two Master’s degrees in both Secondary Teaching (with Distinction) and Sustainable Development.