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Consulting backed by practical operational experience

IEMA was born out of recognition that clients wanted access to experienced consultants who put value on collaborative relationships.  Our goal is to work with our clients to solve the critical environmental & planning issues that are now part of business. Our approach is being 100% focussed on relationships, which is not only what differentiates us, but is also what makes us successful. We provide a broad range of environmental services that are designed to ensure your business can meet your many obligations.




IEMA is a leader in the development of Mine Closure Plans from concept plans through to detailed plans. We have experience in project management of detailed closure planning projects including the delivery of all supporting technical studies, policy development and extensive knowledge in corporate mine closure standards. We have also worked for various government jurisdictions having delivered Rehabilitation Cost Estimation tools for the NSW, Victorian and Queensland governments. 

Operate with the end in mind throughout the life of the project

Mine Closure & Life of Mine Planning


Our firm has significant experience in delivering a range of projects from the smaller through to much larger multi-disciplinary projects. Through our experience we have assembled a network of associates who are able to support IEMA in project delivery. Our success has been based on working closely with our clients to ensure expectations are met along each step of delivery. 

Through collaboration, make every project a success

Project Management & Delivery

Andrew has formal qualifications in Risk Management and Risk Assessment facilitation having delivered numerous risk projects within the areas of Life of Mine planning, Environment and Community, Mine Closure Rehabilitation, Work Health and Safety and Environmental aspects. 

Manage your business with full visibility of key risks and priorities.

Risk Assessments    

Our team has certified auditors leading environmental compliance audits across a range of industry sectors. In addition, we have been a part of Transactional Due Diligence teams supporting firms by providing input into key environmental aspects such as estimated closure and rehabilitation costs, regulatory constraints and time frames, and permit and approval matters. 

Make informed decisions by understanding the risks and opportunities. 

Environmental Compliance & Transactional Due Diligence

Our firm has significant experience in the development, application and compliance with Environmental Management Systems. In addition, we have led Environmental Business Improvement and Environmental Awareness training packages for clients across all levels of a business. 

Expert guidance based on experience and lessons learned

Environmental Systems, Workplace Training, Auditing & Reporting

IEMA has significant experience in development of Stakeholder Engagement Plans and undertaking the consultation having led the process for a number of Mining, Extractive industry and renewable energy projects. In addition, we can assist with engagement and consultation with key regulators to ensure projects are delivered to meet all stakeholder expectations. 

Achieve your goals by identifying and undertaking effective stakeholder engagement

Stakeholder Engagement & Consultation

We have been involved in a large number of approvals for the Mining, Extractive and Agricultural sectors. Our experience has included Project Direction, Project Management and Approvals Strategy. In addition, we have been involved in the development of all aspects of post-approval documentation from management plans to operational plans and risk assessment. 

It's not only good business, it's good for business

Environmental Approvals & Management Advisory